Why I should believe in the existence of God?

 Why I should believe in the existence of God?

Dr Vivek Arya  

More and more people are asking why I should believe in the existence of god. This question about the creator might be as old as the creation itself. A believer like me would only like to say that there are thousands of reasons which verify the existence of god. Man in his arrogance will not accept it and thinks himself as the creator as well as doer.

Atheists on behalf of scientists claim that Universe starts from an explosion of Big-bang. This was the singular start to everything that exists like universe, planets and even timeline.

But there seems to be no plausible answer to why that explosion happened, or who or what caused it to happen? Could it not have been an act of God?

Physicist Stephen Hawking claim that God did not create the universe and the big bang was an inevitable consequence of the laws of Physics. Because of the Laws of gravity universe was created by itself and from nothing. Why the universe exists and why we exist.

We will like to counter the views of Stephen Hawking that Law of Gravity is a force; a form of energy and that cannot exist of its own.

It’s not possible that Creation can take origin from nothing as there must be early primeval matter from which creation took place. Obviously there should be a creator whom we calls as God - one who combines all the different elements properly to come into being, because being inert, such a beautifully constructed universe cannot, by itself, come into existence, as its constituent elements do not possess the knowledge of combining together by self and in proper way. There must be a cause which brought the universe, one that is possessed with infinite power and infinite knowledge to create this universe whom we call as God.

How will Big Bang explain the intelligence and thinking capability of humans, compassionate in animals and regularity of sunrise and sunset of nature without a miss?

Scientists believe that existence of intelligence and thinking depend on a very complex balance. Evan a simple balance cannot assemble of its own. How will scientists explain complex balance organized of their own without an organizer?

Human Brain the most complex part of our body, well designed DNA Genomic model passing from one generation to another generation, human eye which can differentiate millions of colors and likewise there are many more parts of body which cannot be designed without a designer.

So, for the sake of argument, just as whatever begins to exist has to have a cause, if the universe begins to exist because of big bang, there was a cause for it. The cause, whatever one may perceive it to be, has to be older than the universe and therefore timeless or beyond time. Because it also created space, it must transcend space as well and without a material shape.

Nature is mathematical in nature. Sun arises and sets at fixed time period, tides rises and fall with fixed calculations. Earth rotates and seasons change with a fixed timetable. Who set or organized these rules for all these functions? After all, these rules are not set by themselves. There must be an organizer, a monitor, a controller who has set these laws of nature and we describe that organizer as God.

The complexity of our universe explains us that after organization there must be someone who is sustaining this magnificent creation.

It amazes me that the God has provided us with so much of evidence about him and has kept the question of his existence squarely before us, yet we refuse to acknowledge him.

The Vedic theory of karma explains that the fruits of our karma cannot be attributed by self but they are administered by a watchful agent, a supreme being whom we call as God. Those who argue that if there is a god than why there is so much misery, they always forget that it is our karma which makes as experience happiness or unhappiness, wealth or poverty. God is one who dispenses the fruit of our actions.

If God does not exist life is ultimately meaningless. If your life is ultimately doomed to end in death only then it may not matter how you live. In the end it makes no difference, whether you existed or not. If life is inconsequential than the contribution of scientist to advancement of Human knowledge, the research of a doctor to alleviate human pain and suffering, the offer of a diplomat to offer peace in the world, the sacrifices of the good people everywhere to better the lot of human race- ultimately all these come to nothing. Thus, if atheism is true life becomes meaningless.

If there is faith in the existence of God then there is a possibility of knowing him and this can bring a great change in the living pattern of mankind. Without God there is no absolute right or wrong which imposes itself on our conscience.

Our belief in the existence of God has enormous implications on our views of life, humanity, morality and destiny.

To believe that there is an intelligent person behind the universe seems to make much more sense than an atheistic view that the universe just happened by chance. Please think over it.

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