The Liecester attacks on Hindu

 The Liecester attacks on Hindus are nothing short of terrorism. And the greatest ignominy is that it is being branded as a legitimate response to Hindutva. It is a perfect Islamist maneuver. Finish and then blame the victim.

But it means a lot more than that. This is a shocker for the NRI Indians who thought that they were safe from ‘mainland problems’ of India, otherwise said as ‘Hindu-Muslim’ clashes. 

Even the ‘rightist Hindus’ thought that they could be sophisticated, nuanced and academic about ‘Hinduphobia’, forgetting that while they were focusing on sophistication, the peaceful bomb was about to explode with all its attendant violence. 

They would decry the ‘boorish’ approach of the ‘tribal Hindus’ of India who were not ‘rigorous’ enough to achieve the sophistication which is necessary for debates in UK and US litfests and university gazebo gatherings. 

The storm has hit the shores though now, and it is not just the white community which is at target. The Indians, and their brown skin is not going to save them, for the new enemy thinks with a middle eastern mind which only cares about religion. 

Those who are not with Islam are against them, is the dictum of the demographic storm that has hit the shores of Britain and the West. The appeasement politics of these countries was far worse than what India did. 

V S Naipaul made fun of it saying it is multi-culti and it has massively failed. While the Labor Party lies in shreds, the Conservatives in the UK are a sorry image of a once proud culture. And Hindus get the worst deal in both cases.

In the old Britain, it was the white racism which was directed against them. Now it is the Islamic racism, centred on religion and not race. But in both cases, Hindus are the innocent and hapless targets. They are the sitting ducks, the punching bags.

This shall teach them that no amount of Indian CEOs in software companies across the world is going to give them the edge until they develop a healthy Shatrubodha and carve out a distinct identity for themselves.

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