HINDU EXODUS DANGEROUS NEIGHBOURHOODS – Creating a Mini-Kashmir in the heart of the UK


Creating a Mini-Kashmir in the heart of the UK

Khalid Umar 

The Visuals coming from the UK cities are very alarming, where Hindu temples and homes are under attack by the Muslims yobs. The religious symbols are being desecrated.  The fact that they are being outgunned in Leicester is alarming. It’s the 13th largest city of the UK and the only city where Hindus are the non-ethnic majority with 28% of population share. Imagine how it would be in cities in the midlands where Muslims are a non-ethnic majority vs Hindus. 

I wonder in the year 2022 in a Western democracy, they had the audacity to attack Hindu temples in the presence of Police! Imagine the gory scenes of  bloodthirsty armies of invaders robbing and burning down thousands of temples at Mathura, Kanauj, Malwa, Varanasi, Delhi, Karnataka, etc. over centuries. 


In Britain, Hindus have the lowest crime rate in the country. Buddhists, Sikh, Jewish, Hindus and all other religions together make 2.7% of the population in the UK jails whereas being 4% of the British population, they make up 18% of population in British jails! With this peaceful record, alleging Hindus being the aggressors is kettle calling the pot black! 

Pakistani Muslims are coming from other British cities like Birmingham Solihull, Luton etc. to join this planned “jihad.” 


Still Police believes that is a fringe element of otherwise a largely peaceful majority which is instigating this hate. Even one Leicester newspaper went on to say that, “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationalist rhetoric and increasingly harsh treatment of Muslim minorities” is a factor to blame to give rise to the events!! 

Due to misdirected immigration policies over the past 5 decades, parts of all the major UK cities have become flashpoints of Jihadi violence where the Hindus may be targeted, like Nottingham, Luton and Birmingham, etc. Some Hindu families in the epicentre of the targetted violence of the !sl@mist Jihadis are moving to safer areas.


I have reasons to believe that this violence will trickle down to other British cities as the British law enforcement agencies does not understand that it is the supremacist ideology of Islam and Muslims religiously dictated hatred for the idol worshippers which is fanning this communal violence.

Note: Visuals not allowed by FB being violation of Comminity standards. You may follow @ukilaw tweets for visuals. 






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