1921 September 25, Sunday. The village of Tuvvur has not woken up. The sounds of takbir did not reach anyone's ears due to the delay in sleep. Karuvarkundu police station head constable Kumara Panicker was shocked to hear someone calling loudly from outside his house. His wife Ammu also woke up. Kumara Panikkar, Govindan Nambiar who was there and Ammu followed Umram in fear. Before saying anything  Amakundan Mammat Kumara tied Panikkar's hands behind his back. They also arrested Govindan Nambiar. Ammu's plea and cry were in vain in the face of violent rioters. After setting the house on fire, they grabbed Kumarapanikkar and Govindan Nambiar and dragged them away. The Mappilas set fire to all the Hindu houses they saw. Kumara Panikker and his gang were brought to Palarkuzhi Parampil in Tuvvur. There are many maple trees. Rioters in the area It was a group led by Chembrasseri Kunjikoya Thangal and Impichikoya Thangal. Chembrasseri sits on a rock on the eastern side of the hill. Amakundan Mammat, Achu Thodi Kunjappi and the gang kept the captives in one place. At this time, Hindus were being captured from many parts.

There is a well in the same field. Kumara Panikker was brought to the edge of the well. I can't even move from your place Amakundan Mammat Iran started with a sword in the arms of Kumara Panicker who was crying in fear. Then the neck was cut and pushed into the well. Head Constable Kumara Pillai was the first to be brutally killed in the infamous Tuvvur well, where Hindus were beheaded during the Mappila riots.

Pandit Rishiram, a missionary of the Arya Samaj, counted 30 skulls in the Tuvvur well. K. Madhavan Nair states in his book Malabar Rebellion that he counted 20 heads in the Tuvvur well. Beheading in Tuvvur well according to Islamic method of punishment. . After this atrocity, the Hindus of Eranadu fled to various places unsafely. He escaped with no clothes on, no one to help him, hiding in the woods and starving.

September 25 marks the centenary of this massacre ...

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#100years of Arya Samajam in Kerala 




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