Back to the Vedas


Back to the Vedas

 Madan Raheja's book 'Back to the Vedas' serves a valuable digest providing authentic information on a number of subjects related to human life from birth to re-birth. The beauty of this information compiled by Mr. Raheja from the Vedas and other Vedic literature is that it is divine, original and full of absolute truths, which an intelligent reader cannot set aside. This is so because only the Vedas are unadulterated treasure-house of all true knowledge and wisdom, and the efficient cause of all true knowledge, and all that which is knowable through knowledge, is none other than God Almighty. The rationality of the information compiled in the book has been further reinforced by logical interpretations given in `Upanishads', `Darshan Shastras', the holy Geeta and the works of the great saints and philosophers, in particular Mahar'shi Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Mr. Raheja has made appropriate use of the information contained in the contemporary literature on various subjects:


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