1- “Hindus have always been enemy of Islam.”

(Urdu Class V, Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore, March 2002, p 108)

2- “The religion of the evil Hindus did not teach them good things — Hindus did not respect women”

(Social studies for Class IV, Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore, 2005, p 81)

3- “Hindus worship in temples which are very narrow, dark and dirty places, where they worship fake gods in idols. Only one person can enter the temple at a time. In our mosques, on the other hand, all Muslims can say their prayers together”

(Social Studies for Class V, Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore, 1996, p 109)

4- Islam is “superior” to all other religions.

(The Punjab Textbook Board’s Class III for ages 7-8).

5- “The Muslims ruled the Indian subcontinent for about thousand years with magnificence, but they did not forcibly convert a single Hindu. If they had willed, then today there wouldn’t even be a trace of them in the subcontinent. But Muslims showed great tolerance and even raised Hindu to high positions.”

(Class V book on Islamic Studies by the Punjab Board)

6- “Most of the [other] religions of the world claim equality, but they never act on it.”

The Sindh Textbook Board’s Class VII (ages 11-12) Islamic Studies

7- “Honesty for non-Muslims is merely a business strategy, while for Muslims it is a matter of faith.”

(The Punjab Board’s Islamic Studies textbook for Class VIII (ages 12-13)

8- “Though being a student, you cannot practically participate in jihad, but you may provide financial support for jihad.”

(The Punjab Board Class V (ages 9-10, Social Studies)

9- “The free status of Islam and Muslims was hurt with the establishment of British rule. Muslims under non-Muslims remained enslaved and coerced.”

(The Pakistan Studies book from the Punjab Board for Class IX, ages 13-14)

10- “The British … feared the Muslims, being the true inheritors of the rule of India, could become a danger for them anytime.”

(The Class VII Balochistan Textbook Board book on Urdu)

11- “Accusations against [Mughal Emperor of India] Aurangzeb of bias towards Hindus are purely a fabrication of the narrow-minded Hindus and treacherous British,”

(Punjab Board’s Urdu textbook for “matriculates” ages 15-16).

12- “The Hindus were so much encouraged by [Emperor] Akbar’s pro-Hindu policies that they started demolishing mosques and shrines and started building their temples in their place. Wherever Hindus were in majority, they brutalised Muslims.”

(Punjab Board’s Class VI History book)

13- “Sikhs used to do many brutalities to Muslims and did not allow them religious freedom … The British did not trust Muslims and the policy of injustice and brutality hurt economic and educational conditions of Muslims."

(History textbook for Class VIII students, published by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board)

14- Bangladesh became its own independent nation in 1971 – no longer East Pakistan – due to a conspiracy of “enemy countries of Islam”.

The Punjab Board Social Studies book for Class VII


If such filth will be taught in the name of education, you can well imagine the future of the nation!

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