Swami Dayanand impact on Christian missionary

 Swami Dayanand impact on Christian missionary

(In the words of a Christian preacher)

Rev. K S. MACDONALD authored book “THE VEDIC RELIGION-THE CEEED AND PRACTICE OF THE INDO-ARYANS” which was published from London in 1881.

Rev.K S. MACDONALD was a Christian missionary and he came to our country for work of Christian mission. In the preface of his book he writes how the attempts made by Christian missionary to prove that the Bible is superior to the Vedas were opposed by Swami Dayanand and Aryasamaj. The preface of his books proves that Christian missionary idea to transform the way of thinking of Hindus of this country to harvest crops for Jesus Christ were made unsuccessful by the crusader for the Vedas – Swami Dayanand.

I am copy pasting the preface from his book to learn about the impact of Swami Dayanand on Christian missionary. Moreover this book was published in life times of swami Dayanand so it also adds our belief and knowledge about Swami Dayanand. Hindus of this country should learn about the great contribution of Swami Dayanand to Hindu society.

Dr Vivek Arya

At the request of the Calcutta Missionary Conference I wrote, during the cold-weather holidays of 1879-80, a paper on this subject. The following notes are an expansion of that paper. Members of the Conference and other Missionaries expressed a desire and expectation that the paper be published. Impressed by the importance of the subject, and by the fact that there is no book published upon it, though fully conscious of the shortcomings and imperfections of my attempt, I have yielded to the desire, in the hope that others more qualified may take the matter up. I have neither time nor qualifications for it. At present, much is published bearing directly or indirectly upon it in Dr. Muir's most learned volumes, of which six or seven are before the public, in Max Muller's and Monier Williams' more popular works, as well as in many other books containing, among much other matter bearing on Sanskrit literature or the Hindu religion, short sketches of the times and hymns of the Veda. But no one, as far as I am aware, has formally discussed the religious opinions and practices of the 'Samhita'(or collection of hymns) of the Rig-Veda from the Christian standpoint.

There is a special necessity at the present time for such a discussion in connection with the rise of the Theistic Church, called the Arya Samaj, at the head of which is Pundit Dayananda Saraswati Swami, who is now engaged in propagating his own peculiar view of the Veda, and who accepts as an infallible revelation all the four Vedas, but interprets them monotheistically. The Rev. D. Hutton of Mirzapore writes to me: 'I have read, with a good deal of interest and profit, your lecture, which has been appearing from week to week in the Indian Christian Herald, and I should be glad to get a complete copy of it. We have in Mirzapore a branch of the Arya Samaj — the new sect, I suppose, I must call them founded by Dayananda Saraswati, the Vedic reformer. The secretary often calls on me to talk on religious subjects. It has struck me that parts of your lecture, put into Hindi, would be useful I feel sure it will be useful in the vernacular. The Swami, as Dayananda Saraswati is usually called, and his followers believe the ' Samhita ' of the Vedas to be the work of God and eternal. A few judicious selections from your lecture would put matters in a different light. The Swami travels about lecturing eight months, and rests, like Gautama, four, — only he takes his rest in the cold weather. He has a fair following in the North-West Provinces, and has printed a number of books.

Readers are welcome to comment on this testimonial by a Christian missionary.

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