Dear Pushpendra Ji ,

 Dear Pushpendra Ji ,

I am BK from Bangladesh. It is my great joy to write you. I can not explain how much respect I have for you and your team. 

But today I am here to let you know about something  what is happening with Hindu community in Bangladesh...

To be honest, There are almost no Hindu left in Bangladesh.. As they have successfully wipe out Hindu culture from every way of our life. Trust me We are Hindu just by name. They made as feel shame every second so that we act like them. We start our conversation with Salam and end with Allah hafez. We use pani instead of jal (water) . So that They can not look at us suspiciously. Every year they break our temples, especially before Durga Puja. If we stop them, they beat us or police release them without any action. They make fun of our Gods every day but Government is silent . Recently they made a blasphemy law. But It is applicable only for Hindus . And Facebook has become a tool to capture Hindu property and burn our homes by fake news.. Like someone insult prophet Mohammed. They gather and burn our homes and temples... I am sure the same script they followed in Bangalore. 

one of the famous incident was, 300 year old temple was torched by a local Muslim mob in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, on 30th September 2012. Until no justice done .. 

They invite Hindu friends in their house and feed them beef calling it lamb and then ask them to convert to Islam. They sacrifice cow in front of Hindu house just to hurt the sentiment. Even throw the head of the cow to Hindu area just to make them feel bad . By the way this is the act of joy for them. Last year, Education ministry throw away the writing of hindu poets and brought Muslim poets writing to the new syllabus.

You talk about Love jihad in your speeches in India.. Can you imagine the situation in Bangladesh ? One of my close relative had 3 daughters. 2 among them has gone by love Jihad. And once they are married, Parents could never met them . Even police did not help. We get to know that, they are prohibited to met any one. They are not allowed to come out of the house without someone from husband's family. They are always in Burka, Need to pray 5 times, Have to consume beef everyday... And what not...

We have so many things to say but there is nobody who can listen to us. We are a part of Great Bharat but we are suffering just because Hindus of India supported fraud Gandhi and Playboy Nehru. Why would we suffer everyday and Hindus in India pay secular- secular game  ???? In any part of the world If there is Anything happen with Muslim, All Muslims come together to support them But why not Indian Hindus support us ?? Where would we go ?? 

We have so much hope from Modi Ji. You don't know how much it encouraged us when he came to Bangladesh and went to Jeshoreshwari Kali temple. we are counting on him...

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