Arya (Nobel) Life


Arya (Nobel) Life


Time of awakening and first duty-
Before sunrise that is in the dawn chant the name of Almighty God who is omnipresent, who is immortal and whose presence in incomparable with anything. That almighty has got the highest reverence. -Atharvaved 10.7.31

At the time of scattering of sunlight-
Now see the scene of dawn with divine view. The divine revealings of almighty that have been described in Vedas are not only normal revelings but those show us the blessings of God, how it is showered upon us. So you look at them like that only.

Divine ray of light has come from the wide spectrum of lights, this colorful ray is scattering in the sky. Like night leaves the space for dawn, similarly dawn has done it for sunlight. -Rigved 1.113.1
This has shown that an Arya should face that aspect of life that shows this type of light. These divine scenes create happiness, health and maintain joyful life, these create self-power. There are foundation of success.

Gaint chariot of dawn is ready for departure divine lights are on it. Queen dawn has departured to treat humans travelling throught the dark night. -Rigved 1.123.1
This has seen revealed that people who wake up in the dawn remain healthy, stole minded and sinful places are home of sickness. Open door of divinity for them.

Dawn is heading towards the earth. It wants to give you something. It is heading towards mankind with showers of purity. -Rigved 1.123.4
Ideal life is that in which human mind is always pious, face must glow, benevolence must be priority, prosperity must flourish.

O dawn blossom with pleasant scene for us. O dawn blossom with ojas and spirituality. O Goddess blossom with chariot of prosperity. -Rigved 1.48.1
Your destination must be the provider of fame, ojas, prosperity and bliss, bless us with it. It makes human industrious and righteous.

Dawn has always vanished darkness, now bring it with chariot of love, bliss and knowledge. -Rigved 1.48.3
Ideal life is that which always present itself for the removal of darkness. Those people who wake up at this time remain front in their life and those who don't remain backward.
In this metaphor regarding dawn, it has been shown that people who gets up in the dawn remain healthy, blissful and prosperous. It has been metaphored as a voyage of salvation. Humans must start their day be oathing to start the day with auspicious thoughts.

Health, Power and Longevity-
It is duty of every noble person to control and protects his senses so that he remains healthy, powerful and blissful and to inculcate this vedic tradition in his life comfortably.

I can express myself through my voice in my throat, I have pranic energy, I have vision in my eyes, my hairs are not white, my teeth are not red, my arms are strong. I have velocity in my thoughts, my soul is very strong and illustrious. -Atharvaved 19.60.1-2
May God give me energy in my body so that I can live my whole life. So my soul, you keep yourself pious and spiritual. -Atharvaved 19.61

Prayers for health, Power and Longevity-
O digestive fire, you are the protector of my body, protect my body. You are the giver of long age, give me longevity, give me bliss, give me completeness. -Yajurved 3.17
You are glow, give me glow; you are power, give me energy. You are pranic energy. Give me strength and will power. So, it's duty of every Arya to keep routine, food, habits in such a way is that his health and longevity remains powerful. -Yajurved 19.9
Through exercise body becomes light, it gives energy. Organs work well, digestive fire becomes strong. Exercise strengthens organs and food easily gets digested. Thus it keeps us fit and rejuvenates our body. Household chores are also a kind of exercise.

Mind Power-
O Almighty bestow me with sharp mind and witness. -Yajurved 32.14

Character Power-
O Almighty, protect me from dirty aidings and obscenity so that I can upleft myself towards godliness. -Yajurved 4.28

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