The rise of this man

     "The rise of this man is a threat to the world, as he has not only made enemies of each other's interests in India but also used them.  It only shows the desire to make India a great country.  His sole aim is to make India supreme.  If this person is not blocked, then one day in the future India will become a powerful nation around the world and it will surprise the United States.

       He goes through a specific strategy and no one knows what he wants to do.  A dangerous patriot is hidden behind his smiling face.  He uses all the countries of the world for the benefit of India.By destroying the US relationship with Pakistan and Afghanistan, and forming alliances with enemies like Vietnam, Modi will see the use of the three countries against China.

      Vietnam began producing oil in China's southern seaboard, where it supplies all its oil to India, and the Indian company forced Reliance to work, where American dominance would cease. Now, China's enemy is US control over Vietnam, which is good for India.   Launch India has invested $ 1.5 million from both countries against China and the US, which India cannot achieve in eight years.

      Today, this person is turning Pakistan into a poor state. The old Pakistan ally of Iran's port, close to the Afghan border and the establishment of an Indian military station on the Afghan border.  It has also shown Iran the path of leaving Pakistan to Afghanistan, allowing Indian trade.Sections 2 and 3A were cancelled by Pakistan.  Now a days, Pak Occupied Kashmir  will be taken over.Pakistan will fall into four pieces.  It will dance on Modi's warning.Pakistan's traditional ally, Saudi Arabia, will also play a crucial role in separating Pakistan.This man who ended China and America in Asia, cancelled the SAARC conference and showed his power to the world.

        Modi succeeded in establishing India's superiority over Asia ...
       It achieved alliance with the two great powers of Asia, Russia and Japan.  , China can do some of the most obvious threats to invasion, Hong Kong Today, another Hong Kong China will try.  Modi is ready to take over the POC to stop the CPEC, so China is willing to give up 40% stake in India by announcing Modi, but Modi is not in the mood to listen and therefore keeps the state of Pakistan without a war beggar.  As a result, China's $ 62 billion is stored in water.

      Modi affirmed India in the MTCR group by lobbying the US government.  Modi will replace NSG in a short period of time.  It's hard for the US to move on.  Moreover, this person took Indian politics to another level.The world must think that every country has many enemies, but India has no enemy except Pakistan.  It is almost certain that its solution is India . This person can use a left tackle as a surgical strike.  This man is doing more harm to Pakistan than the actual war.

     By using Muslim countries against Pakistan, Modi proved himself to be one of the world's greatest leaders. In all of these negotiations, the integrity of this person should be noted.  India's progress will be difficult for the rest of the world. That is why I am in favour of discussing and thinking with all the thinkers in the world.  If possible, a backward country like India should try not to be world superintendent.  Otherwise, the United Nations and all mankind will suffer the consequences".

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