What is religion in the words of Swami Dayanand

What is religion in the words of Swami Dayanand

I believe in a religion based on universal and all embracing principles which have always been accepted as true by mankind, and will continue to command the allegiance of mankind in the ages to come. Hence it is that the religion in question is called the primeval eternal religion, which means that it is above the hostilities of all human creeds whatsoever. Whatever is believed in by those who are steeped in ignorance or have been led astray by the secretaries is not worthy of being accepted by the wise. That faith alone is really true and worthy of acceptance which is followed by the aptas, i.e. those who are truthful in word, deed and thought, promote public good and are impartial and learned; but all that is discarded by such men must be considered as unworthy of belief and false.

“My conception of god and all other objects in the universe is founded on the teachings of the Vedas and other true shastras, and is in conformity with the beliefs of all the sages, from Brahma down to Jamini…My sole aim is to believe in truth and help others to do the same. Had I been biased, I would have championed any one of the religions prevailing in India. But I have not done so. On the contrary, I do not approve of what is objectionable and false in the institutions of this or any other country, nor do I reject what is good and in harmony with the dictates of true religion, nor have I any desire to do so, since a contrary conduct is wholly unworthy of man.”

Swami Dayanand Saraswati
(Statement of my beliefs published in the end of 14th Chapter of Satyarth Prakash)

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