God-Soul-Prakriti – a Vedic Trio: a refresher
- Bhavesh Merja

Only God ( = Brahman) may be called the Universal soul. He is 'sat' means His existence is a reality, He has His own identity. He is neither a mere concept nor a term fabricated just to make people alert and afraid while committing something wrong or immoral.
Consciousness is a term used for awareness or inherent capacity to know. God and Soul(s) are conscious and non-physical entities. Both are ‘chetan’. God is all-knowing = Sarvajya, and Soul is limited-knowing = alpajya. This is the fundamental difference between the two. The soul has its own natural Consciousness or knowledge, but it is too little. With the help of this natural knowledge, the soul can gather more and more knowledge from the sources of knowledge. The knowledge thus gained is called – ‘Naimittik’ – the acquired knowledge. One’s progress depends on the stock and the use of this acquired knowledge. Parents, family and family members, neighbors, school, college, learned persons, books, media etc. are the sources of the acquired knowledge. The Vedas are regarded as a God-given source of the acquired knowledge.
Universe = creation = ‘jagat’ = ‘Srishti’ is created by God out of Prakriti = original eternal material cause. Prakriti is inert, eternal and unconscious, subtle, physical substance. It is ‘ajya’ = devoid of knowledge. It has no capacity to know or feel anything. However, it has a great capacity to get moulded into various forms if someone acts on it. God acts on it and creates universe and innumerable natural things. Same way, the souls also use the inert matter and transform it in to various forms.
God is Omni-present, means He pervades everything i.e. all Souls and entire cosmos. He is so subtle that He can pervade in to all that exists beside Him. His subtlety is marvelous. Due to His all-pervasiveness, He is present everywhere and He knows all the actions of the souls and each and every event of the world. He never possesses any wrong details. His knowledge is absolutely correct and flawless.
The term 'Energy' used these days by the modern physicists is neither God nor the Soul. It is used for the attribute of the material substance or the material itself when it is admitted that the Mass and energy are basically the same and convertible into each-other.
The Vedic trio of God-Soul-Matter can be best understood by a careful perusal of Maharshi Dayananda's Satyarth-Prakash (Light of Truth), especially its 7th and the 8th chapters. These three are the fundamental entities, which eternally exist and will continue to exist for ever.

Presented by Avinash Mehta

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