Listen to the call of Mother Earth

One mother is that who gives birth to us, up bring us. Another 'mother' is the one who is known to the world as Mother Earth. It gives us breath, food, and drink, gives space to live. Let it be said that after the birth, the things seen in the world, everything is the same as the Mother Earth Mother. When our biological mother fell ill then we get upset, we take care of her each day and night in her treatment but when the Mother Earth which has millions of 'sons and daughters', fell sick and is calling today but no one has the time to take care of her.

After all, why have we become the ignorant of this 'mother' today? The green trees are being cut down, its inner side has been spoiled and filled with chemicals and waste materials and thus made poisonous. We have tapped so much water that many parts of the world have become waterless. Out of the total water left in the world at present, 97.5 percent of the water is oceanic, which is saline. The remaining 1.5 percent is in the form of ice. Only 1 percent of the water is left with us which is potable. By 2025, half the population of India and 1.8 percent of the world population will not have drinking water and by 2030 global demand will increase by 40 percent more than supply.

After this, due to a further increase in the use of natural resources like mineral substances such as coal, asbestos etc, we are continuously exploiting this mother earth.  Moreover, if the rate of consumption of developed countries is considered, then by 2050, the exploitation will reach by 140 billion tonnes per year. That is, it will make the earth be completely hollow. Just think about what will happen when the earth will not have water inside it and trees outside it. The same thing will happen which we have always heard, then there will be a huge upheaval in nature. Due to the earthquake, the entire country and civilizations will fall into the womb of the earth. Wherever the civilizations have created, will transform into the ocean.

Everyone knows that in the form of nature, God has given humans a very beautiful gift. But we are proved to be failing to keep this gift alive, and later we will have to bear the brunt of this nature. Apart from the beautiful nature, we have many other things such as food, water, trees, energy, minerals etc. etc. But if we do not wake up in time, we will lose these substances and then finally how will we survive?

We know that the necessity is the mother of invention. But if we adopt inventions with respect to our requirements, then we can save a lot to the earth or to our next generation. Today, the biggest fuel used in the production of power is coal which is being exploited regularly from the earth's inner self. But for how long? In the next few years, coal resources will be completely exhausted. We can not deny the fact that the population of the country is increasing rapidly. Most of the electricity (about 53 percent) in the country is produced from coal and it has been predicted that after 2040-50, the stocks of coal in the country will end. What will the world do then for the electricity?

Most will answer- water! But when looking at global warming, climate change etc it does not seem to be the right answer! You yourself look around you, see how many small rivers and rivulets have been transformed today. They have either dried up or become dirty nallahs. Seeing this, it can be easily estimated that the life of our rivers is no longer prolonged. Now, in the end, the next answer can be the solar energy which is probably the most appropriate option in our hands in the future.

Apart from being an incomparable source of solar energy, one of the best options in India's other non-conventional energies is Solar Energy. It causes no harm to nature, and today solar energy is the best and cleanest way to meet our growing demand for energy requirements in India. In this direction, the country's oldest social organization, Arya Samaj, is also going to launch a good initiative in which each Arya Samaj temple and Arya Institute will support the cause of nature by using solar energy in the near future or we can say that it will act as a son to save its mother earth.

Figures show that in almost all the square meters of India, sunlight is obtained by an average of 4 to 7-kilowatt hours per hour. In India, the sun rises around 2,300 to 3,200 hours per year. Due to this a large amount of electricity can be produced using solar energy.

At the same time, we will also work to generate the awareness of rainwater harvesting in houses or buildings to increase the level of geological water and through working in the direction of elimination of the use of polyethylene, we will the work to save our environment. We will urge People to take care of trees in their surroundings and make the careful use of water. We all know that even after years of efforts, scientists around the world cannot find the 'Second Earth'. Therefore, it becomes the duty of each of us to come forward to protect the Mother Earth. Otherwise, we will be left with nothing except repenting.

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