Is their any scientific basis of rebirth

          Reincarnation is a spiritual and scientific subject which has always been a subject of controversy between acceptance and non-acceptance. For instance, there are people who believe in rebirth and who do not believe in it. But is there any actual scientific basis for rebirth? Taking this question forward, the Indian forensic science expert Mr. Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan is trying to prove that reincarnation is a fact. He had presented some of his findings in a national conference of forensic scientists in August 2016 in India.

       Chauhan had discovered a six-year-old boy, who used to say that he remembers his last birth. The boy knew his parents and the name of the school where he was studying with his previous birth. The incident was on September 10, 1992, when she was going home with her bike- an accident occurred, he had injuries on his head and died the next day.

       After this incident, the boy was born again and the family of the boy told their story. His father told that his son claimed that when the accident had occurred, his books were marked with blood, he also told that How much money was in purse at that time? When these claims reached her former mother, she began to cry and said that she had kept his blood-stained books and his purse in her son's memory. Not only this, but the boys also told that on the day of the accident, they had borrowed a book-register from the shopkeeper.

      Firstly, Mr. Vikram Chauhan refused to believe in this story, but he eventually decided to investigate this matter by becoming curious. On September 10, 1992, Chauhan checked the books of the shopkeeper's borrowings, a register was registered on the name of the boy. Chauhan sampled the handwriting of both boys and compared them. He found that they were actually similar. It is a fundamental principle of forensic science that no two handwriting styles can be similar because each person has a special characteristic in the handwriting. A person's handwriting style is dictated by personal personality traits. Chauhan concluded after this: If the soul was transferred from one person to another, then the mind and the handwriting would remain the same. Many other forensic experts examined the sample of this handwriting and agreed that they were similar. When investigating the matter further, the scientists who were monitoring the child's intellectual development, confronted with the most shocking aspect in front of them- that the child was in a poor family in this birth where he never went to school but when he was asked to write English and Punjabi alphabet, he wrote them correctly!

     Ian Stevenson was a psychiatrist who worked for the Virginia School of Medicine for 50 years. He was the President of the Department of Psychiatry from 1957 to 1967, Carlson was a professor of psychiatry from 1967 to 2001 and a research professor of psychotherapy from 2002 until his death. He devoted his whole life to reincarnation research. He had worked on to find the answer to the following questions such as whether there is any concrete proof of life after death? What is Rebirth Really? Is there life after death and is that life scientifically proven? After all these questions, he endorses his side at the end and says that experience of death, scene of death, spiritual consciousness, memories, and physical injuries can be transferred from one lifetime to another.

      Ian Stevenson examined 3,000 cases of children from around the world, who were found in the memories of previous births. In the long span of 40 years, Ian traveled to many countries on a large scale to investigate the matter. His microscopic research presented some evidence that such abnormal abilities, diseases, and genetic traits in such children were found to be pre-existing.

      Stevenson while points out towards all births as the rebirth said that the children usually start talking about their memories from previous birth between the ages of two and four. When the child is between four and seven years of age, then the memories of the baby starts diminishing slowly.  There are always some exceptions, such that a child continues to remember his past life but is not speaking about it for various reasons.

       Most children talk about their past identity with great intensity and emotion. More often they cannot decide even for themselves whether which world is real or fake. They experience a kind of double existence, where sometimes one life seems to be more important, and sometimes second life. This condition of children is such that at one time, watching different serials on two TVs at the same time. But over time the previous memory gets blurred.

       Afterward, if you take the example with respect to the behavior, then if a child is born in a country like India, in a very poor and low caste family, whereas in his previous life he was a member of the upper caste, then he can feel uncomfortable in his new family. The child can refuse to bow in front of anyone and may refuse to wear cheap clothes. Stevenson explains many examples of these unusual behaviors. In 35 cases, he investigated, the death of children in which an unnatural death had developed. For example, if they were sunk in their last life, they often expressed fear about going into the river etc. If they were shot, they would often be afraid of the gun. If they died in road accidents, sometimes there was fear of traveling in cars, buses or lorries.

       Not only that, Stevenson found in his study that a pure vegetarian child is born in a fleshly family, he expresses his desire to eat different food by causing disinterest in eating meat. If a child is addicted to alcohol, tobacco or drug substances, they can express the need for these substances and develop the desires at an early age. Often, children who were members of the opposite sex in their previous life, they show difficulty in adjusting in the new gender. Girls who are reborn in the form of boys may like to dress as girls or play with girls instead of boys.

        Stevenson says that rebirth is not just a song, it is a matter of great research by adding small pieces of evidence. It is not the principle of acceptance or non-acceptance of different religious beliefs. This is a concept which accepts the proverbial truth of transmigration of the soul with all the concepts in relation to rebirth ...

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