Motive of Aryasamaj

Motive of Aryasamaj is to serve Humanity.

Swami Dayanand founded aryasamaj for the benefit of mankind.
During the days of British rules our country was flooded with famines,plagues,earthquakes etc. Any natural calamity would have caused havoc due to poor management by Britishers. Lakhs of people died and thousands orphaned.These poor souls were trapped by Christian missionaries and converted by church. Aryasamaj challenged this drama of trapping of soul. It opened orphanages and widow homes to protect fellow brothers. Aryasamaj admitted all including lower castes in these orphanages. This step of saving and serving Humanity was opposed by Hindus who followed strict castism. They agreed with conversion to Christianity but disagree to dine together. The members of aryasamaj faced social boycott, physical and personal attacks, monetary fines etc but did not swayed from the path of Dharma. Later with the continued efforts the thinking of Hindus changed. Sanatani Hindus understood the message of service.They also came forward to help the needy and downtrodden.This is the pride History of Aryasamaj of selfless and dedicated service to Humanity. And i feel pride sharing with you all.

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