Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti / Nizamuddin Auliya – The Real Face

Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti and PrithviRaj Chauhan
Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti is regarded as foremost preacher of Sufism among Sufis of India. Akbar, the Mughal emperor believed that it was his blessings which lead him a son and the heir for the Mughal throne. This belief of Akbar started a trend among the people. They also started visiting to the mazar of Chisti thinking that the mazar will fulfill their ambitions by offering prayers. Since, then this have become as a tradition. Many people sings about the glory and miracles associated with the Chisti. But very few are aware of the reality. Among Hindus hardly anyone knows about the real relation between PrithviRaj Chauhan, the last Hindu ruler of our country and Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti.
Chisti came to India along with Islamic invader Muhammad Gori. He was advisory to Gori. It will be no exaggeration to state that Chisti was a spy to Muhammad Gori. What chisti would have advised can be easily imagined by the fanatic and radical hostility of Gori towards Hindus of this country.
Stories have mushroomed to prove that Khwaja as a mystic with high spiritual powers. But the truth is something else. The belief of Khwaja in Shariat and support to Muslim invader Muhammad Gori in establishment of Islamic rule in India clearly outlines his inclination towards Islam.
We will take few examples from his life which will expose Chisti intentions and real motives.
Chisti believed in conversion of Hindus to Islam
The fawaidu'l –fu'ad says that when Khwaja arrived in Delhi from Lahore seven hundred people (Hindus), besides hamidu'din – din dihlawi, embrace Islam (ref- page 117 vol. 1 a history of Sufism in India –Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi).
A critical review of miracles done by Chisti-
Khwaja Ajmer visit is mentioned as full of miracles (exaggerated stories). Since, Khwaja arrived in Ajmer lot of disputes occurred with PrithviRaj, then ruler of Kannauj with capital in Ajmer.
1. Reaching there he (Chisti) decided to sit under a tree. The camel keepers of PrithviRaj ordered him to leave away from that area as it belonged to the King and restricted area. The truth was that camels keeping area was PrithviRaj army area in which locals were not allowed. A story is imagined that the Khwaja in interfacing the servants of PrithviRaj wished that none of the camels would be able to stand on their legs and so happened. When none of the Camels were able to stand the news reached to the officials of Raj. His officials came to Chisti pleading for guilty. It was than only Khwaja made them well. Any laymen can easily even interpret this whole episode as a fairy tale. Another option is the camels were drugged with some herb which caused paralysis in them provided Chisti was smart enough for that act.
We will take another example which is far from Truth.
2. The Khwaja and his followers moved to a place near the Anasagar Lake. His servants killed a cow and cooked kebabs for him. Some members of the Khwaja's party went to Anasagar and the others to Pansela Lake for ablutions. There were one thousand temples on the shores of two lakes. The Brahmans stopped the ablutions and the party complained to the Khwaja. He sent his servant to bring water for his ewer(Pot). As soon as the ewer touched the Pansela Lake, all the lakes, tanks and wells around became dry. Now, Khwaja went to the Anasagar lake temple and asked the name of the idol. He was told it was called Sawi Deva. The Khwaja asked whether the idol had talked to them. On receiving a negative reply he made the idol recite kalma and converted it into a human being, naming it Sa'di. This caused a sensation in the town. PrithviRaj ordered his Prime Minister Jaipal who was also a magician, to avert the evil influence of the KhwajaJaipal proceeded to fight the Khwaja with 700 magical dragons, 1500 magical discs and 700 disciples. The Khwaja drew a circle bringing his party within it under his protection and succeeded in killing all the dragons and disciples. Pithaura and Jaipal begged the Khwaja for forgiveness. The Khwaja prayer restored water to the lakes, tanks and wells. A large number of people accepted Islam. Pithaura refused to accept Islam and the Khwaja prophesied he would be handed over to the Islamic army.
(Ref- Ali asghar chisti- jawahir-I faridi , Lahore 1884, pp.155-160 )
The truth was that the area around the two lakes was decorated with many Temples and was considered sacred by the Hindus. Killing of cow again sacred for Hindus was considered as a heinous crime. It is still considered sacred even today. Everyone is aware that a cow eater is strictly forbidden to visit the shrines and temples among Hindus. The same rule was applicable for the visit of Khwaja to Anasagar lake temple. So, its natural for the Hindus to resist Chisti stay near Temples being a meat eater.
Regarding the fairy tale story of discs and dragons its easy to reach the conclusion that they are exaggerated and hyperbolic statements. They can amuse blind followers and disciples of Chisti. They do not even fulfill the criteria for proper analysis.
One doubt arrives in my mind that if Khwaja was so powerful then why Muhammad Gori was defeated in first war against PrithviRaj? Why didn't the Khwaja changed his conquest into victory by his miracles? Why did Gori waited till the second war? That also when King Jaichand/Jaipal, the father in law of PrithviRaj helped Mohammad Gori against Prithviraj. It means that forces of Jaipal lead to victory in war and not the miracles of Chisti.
So, we easily reach this conclusion that the stories of miracles of chisti are myths and only myths. No wise person will believe in these falsified and exaggerated Myths.
PrithviRaj died as a hero fighting for his country after taking revenge of his loss. The famous incident is mentioned by Chand Bardai, the accompaniment poet of PrithviRaj.
I will also like to mention about Sheikh Nizamuddin-din Auliya in this article. He was disciple of Chisti. He mentions that when Khwaja Muinuddin reached Ajmer, India was ruled by Pithaura rai's (Prithvi Raj Chauhan) and his capital was AjmerPithaura and his high officials resented the sheik's presence in their city, but the latter's eminence and his apparent power to perform miracles, prompted them to refrain from taking action against him. A disciple of the Khwaja's was in the service of Prithviraj Raj's. After the disciple began o receive hostile treatment from the Rajs, the Khwaja sent a message to Pithaura in favor of the Muslim. Pithaura refused to accept the recommendation, thus indicating his resentment of, the khwaja's alleged claims to understand the secrets of the unseen. When Khwaja mu'inu'd-din heard of this reply he prophesied: “We have seized Pithaura alive and handed him over to the army of Islam.” about the same time Sultan Muhammad Gori arrived from Ghazna, attacked the forces of Pithaura and defeated them. Pithaura was taken alive and thus the khwaja's prophesy was fulfilled.
(Ref- Amir khwurd, siyaru'l – auliya, delhi,1885,pp.45-47)
The above reference is by a renowned Sufi mystic Nizamuddin Auliya whose shrine is situated in the periphery of Delhi. It not even exposes the real intentions of the Sufi's but even proves that they were propagator of Islam. Those who considers that Sufism [reach universal brotherhood and humanity are heading in darkness.
Dr Vivek Arya

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