Why should we Join Arya Samaj

        Well, Friends! we all want to do at least something for our society. In spite of bounded with many limitations, it must have come to your mind that you should return back something to society so as to make it a better place for generations to come which some of us are already doing in their own unique way. Joining a reputed organization with a glorious history in nation-building is something which you can think of! Let's explore the reasons here-

        Arya Samaj is an organization which has traveled across the pages of Indian History and has seen closely the centuries. Its significance can not be confined to the social, spiritual, and cultural organization of India, rather it has its wings far beyond it. Tracing the history- this institution was build up for social reformation in the era when the Indian society was almost at the verge of collapse. Had there been no avatar in the form of this Samaj, many of the Social evils would have persisted till date.

       No one can deny the role of Arya Samaj in the process of building nation- uniting us under the one umbrella term of common identity, connecting the Indian when almost every force was absent, preparing Indian to think beyond the exploitative foreign forces and sowing the seed of self-respect and trust among Indian in Indian History.

        It was Arya Samaj who rejected the theory of the superiority of White skin over the Brown Skin Indian people. The unparallel deeds of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati can never be forgotten who, in the 18th century, himself come forward to commence this movement. His actions and works were clearly based on the objective of social reformation and restoring the belief of Indian in their own glorious past.

       When the British administration was at the helm and the Indian masses were exploited continuously in social, political, economic and cultural form, and people were left with no choice, it was Arya Samaj who rescued people and become a torchbearer for the masses. The resonance of this eternal Vedic religion can be still heard.

      Arya Samaj has proudly achieved millions of success stories, worked for the poor and downtrodden, eradicated the superstition and hypocrisy, so all this has left the imprints of Arya Samaj permanently on Indian History.

      Arya Samaj has sailed through the time and has seen the changes which Indian Society has undergone, but it has never left the path of social service in one or another form. Post-Independence, it has been continuously putting in efforts without being tired.  

      There are plenty of reasons to satisfy your mind and soul while choosing Arya Samaj as one of the organizations, you want to be associated with. People associated with Arya Samaj believe in the authority of Veda and a single God who protects and nurture us. Arya Samaj rejects the hegemony of superstitious practices and black magic. It believes in the purification of mind, body, and soul based on the principle and practices of Vedas. That's why-

     1.    There will be no perceived flaws related to the planet's position, constellations, horoscope, etc to the people and families associated with Arya Samaj.

     2.    On the people associated with the Arya Samaj, the black magic, and other superstitious practices of the alleged Baba do not work.

     3.    People associated with Arya Samaj do not even have to fear the ghosts, bad evils or vampires, etc.

     4.    Joining the Arya Samaj keeps you distant from the problems like 'Manglik dosh' etc from the horoscope.

         Above the fact it this that the followers of Arya Samaj do not believe in any hypocrite, hypocritical, practices prescribed by self-style Godmen or 'alleged babas'. In the teaching of Arya Samaj, each cultural practice and fact are logical explained which saves you from being trapped in the irrational routine practices which are good for none. Its teaching tells the truth about the existence of life and beyond-life facts, hence it justifiably denies the acts like- 'Pindandan', 'Shraddha Tarpan' and explains their real motive.

        The spread of knowledge and wisdom of Arya Samaj empowers the knowledge and mindmap of the people which ultimately save it from economic and mental and physical exploitation that could be done in the name of religion by the self-made 'Avatars', 'fake sages', 'Guru Ghantal', 'Mahant' etc.

        The Arya Samaj appreciates the art of making but totally opposes the practice of idol worship because the latter one is nowhere going to benefit the society in the larger term. Rather it believes in the service of humanity to bring prosperity of the lives of people.

        According to the principles of Arya Samaj, God is pervading in each particle of the world. Therefore, confining God to the particles only one idol is equal to questioning the virtues, deeds, and existence of God. God dwells in the soul in our heart. Therefore, practically there is no need for idol or temple for worship, prayer, and worship of God. You can practice it whenever, and wherever you desire.

       The chief propaganda of Arya Samaj is to eliminate the hypocrisy, superstition, illogical & irrational practices from the society and to show them the right track where they can spiritually and socially blossom. Such teachings have given rise to the awakening of youth with respect to religious and cultural identity and hence, inculcated in them a sense of doing something for their country and society.

       Collating with the significance of teamwork and joint movement, one must join with an organization like Arya Samaj. Doing something for the society single handed is, in fact, a difficult task for many, that gives another valid reason for joining Arya Samaj- an organization with authenticity and past. Its followers work for the promotion of Vedic culture not only in India but also in 36 other countries of the world. Arya Samaji takes it as their duty to create a way for eternal religion and do social awakening. That this society arranges to transfer legacy of our proud cultural heritage for the next generations.

        In a variety of ways, Arya Samaj is the pillar who represent the past, present, and future of Indian society. Whosoever wants to assimilate himself with the eternal Santan religion, pure Vedic form;  they should join the Samaj to progress mutual endeavors.

       Taking the pledge of saving the existence of Indian hood, let's join the Arya Samaj and also encourage other friends, relatives, and people to be a proud part of this organization. This way, we all can contribute to make India- 'Jagat Guru' and lead the world in accepting the authority of Vedas.

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