Why do we hate anyone?

Love and hatred are two such emotional feelings in the world from whose clutches' human can never be freed. From both these states of mind, one has to go through life many times. If we talk about love- the topic which has been written and read most in the world, but only a little attention has been paid to understand hatred. After all, what is the hatred and when does this feeling come up in the mind, this question definitely strikes our mind many times. By the way, the end of love is hating, but there is another reason also that we often hate people who are different from us.

In it, the theory of fear also works, although Goswami Tulsidas Das has written that no fear -no love! But my argument is quite the opposite. Often the people to whom we are afraid of, we start hating. According to practical researchers, people who hate others, they are afraid of themselves, i.e. according to one theory that I am not terrible but you are.

In fact, we develop a certain methodology in our life, we think in our confined boundaries, see and understand the world in those boundaries. It grows and builds up within our mind, brain and become an assumption. When like-minded people meet us, then they give strength to this perception and we end up becoming happily self-centered. It can also be called love and friendship and even affection. But when any outsider attacks our belief, then the mind starts getting distracted because since we have developed a belief with a great hardship so we can not tolerate the fragmentation of that belief or assumption.

It can be understood this in such a way that when we find the unacceptable part of ourselves, then we attack others to avoid the danger. As long as we have the word to give in return, we keep attacking with words but when the word ends, the attack becomes physically violence. History has also existed many such examples, such as the incidence of spitting on the Mahatma Buddha or the incidence of poisoning Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Sukrat, etc. All these people attacked people's perceptions, in return, people attacked them to save their perception.

Hatred is -an attempt to disturb ourselves through feelings such as helplessness, powerlessness, injustice and a sense of shame. The second- hatred is a part of a feeling that ranges from our family to history and part of our cultural and political history. We live in war culture, which promotes violence, in which there is strong competition, it is also understood as a way of life. We are being taught to hate the enemy which means that if there is no one like us, different from our ideology, apart from the boundaries then that person is assumed to be the recipient character of hatred.

We are all born with the power of aggression and compassion. What trends we finally embrace, it depends on us. There is a key to overcome hatred. Attention: Whenever there is a sense of hatred towards someone, we should observe that why is there a sense of hatred towards him/her? Is there any kind of fear or are we lesser than his/her capacity? Is there a sense of expectation or some other reason for this discussion in mind, and after this one has to discuss with the person. Secondly, students should be taught and educated on these issues at home, in schools, and at the community, a level that how to deal with feelings of hate, jealousy or even violence.

We have to understand that these are practical expressions and when we are close to them then we take part in the stress out of them. Because emotions affect every moment of life and have ultimately created a person, family, society, and nation or deteriorated it. It would be better for us to understand the concepts of emotions likewise the subjects of mathematics or science etc such that with the understanding the topics, we can explain that why we ultimately hate and how it can be ended.

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