What is the mind and how to understand it?

Today we are going to learn about the Mind. What is Mind? – It is a psychological term representing the state of our thought processes, intellectual pattern, thinking and imagination. It should be understood differently from the biological term brain. The reference of Mind 'Mann' came out in reference to the material world. It takes us into thinking mode, feeling differently, making expressions, and also receive impressions gathered by the material world around us.

We often say- Today the heart is very sad, the mind is happy today. Today, come to mind that this should be eaten and today the mind does not have anything to eat. We keep having some of these doubts in our daily lives about the mind. It often gets to hear that I broke the stuff because that came in the mind, come to your mind, let's move somewhere. This came in mind, that came in mind. Have you ever wondered what the mind is all about! Our driver? or is it our Operator? We are our boss and are we the slaves of this mind that which we have said? Or is it a part of our body like hands-feet or ears? So where is it located in our body? What is the size, what will it look like, etc. - etc.?

These are all questions which are produced by our own mind. Actually, psychology says that the mind is an engine filled with thoughts that drives energy from the brain. That is, the mind is just an obscure information tool, like gravity inside the Earth. It works as a software in the body, not hardware. It cannot be said as an object because there is no such thing in the world that you can point out that see, this thing is like the mind!

Ironically, in spite of all this, an adulteress rape someone and says that he came to his mind, so he did. A murderer says that he came in his mind and he murdered someone. Now the point is- when the mind is not present in reality then how such a feeling has come from? The question is confusing. Now, let's assume that the mind does not really exist, only its responses are present.

For instance, I asked a person from a distance of him, he shook his hand, that process was due to the expressions occurring in his mind. Because of this, the mind is considered a mysterious science after seeing different practical and physical responses. However, in the era of neuroscience today, we are told that the mind is actually just the brain. But if seen, it is a huge illusion of information and fantasies created by the brain, so it can be understood by taking them out of the science world and going into social science.

Say, if we are passing through a road and see a hotel on the way. The mind will say that something should be eaten. Our feet will start moving towards the hotel. That is, I felt Hungary with the sight of a hotel? Now, there is no relation between hunger and mind, there is a sense of taste in the mind.  For instance, you have been passing on some way and a young woman appeared or a young man appeared, then the aspiration of the mind will be different, and if you look a little older or sick person, then there will be something else strike in the mind. The fact is that the whole game is of mind. For this reason, whenever the game of mind appears, do not cooperate if we do, that mind will start dominating you. That time, just stand up and think that it is a game of mind. Otherwise, the responses will increase with cooperation.

The mind will always demand cooperation, sometimes negative cooperation, and sometimes positive cooperation. Likewise- we are sitting down, the mind is thinking about many useless things, with whom we have nothing to do, but still, we are cooperating with it. And, when we feel sad, we start to cooperate with it again. After this, we got immersed in deep sorrow. That is, we have given support to it. Do not suppose that you are not involved in this entire process, because without our involvement nothing can happen. We should pause in such situations and say what all is this? Why is this needed? What am I doing all this? How are this madness, which is happening within me and I am being supportive to mind? That is, you must support your mind if he is seeking positive cooperation, wherever it is engaged in negativity, then just start the uncooperative movement with the mind.

Yes, it is right that the mind should be educated, because, with an illiterate mind, we can't survive in this world. Cooperate the mind to be successful in the work of the market, in the struggle, in the competition, but do not cooperate with the mind during the time of crime, sorrow, jealousy, hatred or anger. Therefore, training the mind is nowhere less than the planets and atoms. Because it takes us into the world of memories, thoughts, and emotions by becoming our operator and then becoming our boss but where any mistake occurs, we are held responsible for it. So, go with the mind, but a little bit of restraint.

vinay arya

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