What does a True Arya say?

I am worthy to be called Arya as enjoined in the Vedas,
Because my life style tallies with the tenants of Vedas,...
Because I love every one and hate none, I do not steal from anyone,

I can pardon who hurts me, Bad and evil things I hate to see.
I have patience and endurance, my senses likely to unbridle are within
my hold, My mind likely to wonder is under my control.

I am proud to be called Arya as per the seers' thought,
For, I have purity in my mind and heart .
I am truthful to every one, I am helpful to every one,
I have knowledge to dispel unawareness,
of those in darkness, of those in murkiness.

I have reign over my angry spell, I do not have any empty ego shell,
Neither do I have tendency for any greed.
Arya is not any sect or racial creed;

I am worthy to be called Arya, because I have urge to help others,
tendency to uplift the poor and down trodden,
To give happiness to misery stricken,
Because I never bow down to injustice and unfairness.
Neither do I stop my good kind care and  mission,
Whatever the odd circumstances may be.

I have faith in Almighty Omnipresent  God,
All human beings are the peas in the pod.
I will brighten the name of my Guru Maharaj,
Who was the devotee of truth.
who lived for truth and died for truth
Who we proudly call Renaissance Maharishi Dayanand Maharaj.





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