Valmiki Ramayan - The Great Epic

Valmiki Ramayan - The Great Epic

D.S.Bala ji Arya

       The greatest epic of all time, The Ramayana, the tale of Shri Ram. The legacy of a great warrior. The story of an obedient son, a loving husband, and a trustworthy friend. Which the world remembers till date.

       The story which guides us for a better life leads us towards a better society. This greatest epic compiled and written at the Shri Ram time being was The Ramayana. Valmiki Ramayana was written by a great sage Maharishi Valmiki. This great scripture holds the most superior authority concerned with the life and journey of Shri Ram. This great scripture guided many generations for the establishment of an ideal society - The Ram Rajya.

      Unfortunately, with time passing by and people losing access to the true scriptures and fighting against continuous invasions. Spirituality and religious practices become least of people's concern.

      Around all these turbulence, some righteous and some mischievous poets emerged with their own versions of Ramayana. Some were really appreciable but some versions distorted this Epic Story in a blunder manner.

                       Some famous versions of Ramayana -

-Kambh Ramayana - Written In Tamil by Poet Kamban in 12th Century

-Raghuvansham - Written in Sanskrit By Kalidas in 5th Century

-Shri Ranganath Ramayan Written in Telugu By Gona Reddy in 12th Century.

-Kumudendu Ramayana Written in Kannada in the 13th Century.

-Satpakanda Ramayan written in Assamese by Madhav Kandali in 14th Century.

-Kritivasi Ramayan written in Bengali by Kritibas Ojha in 15th Century.

-Ramcharitmanas; Written In Awadhi by Tulsi Das in 16th Century.

-Bhavarta Ramaya; Written in By Eknath in 16th Century

-Ramavatara Charitra Written in Jammu And Kashmir in the 19th Century

        Factual and an enlightening thing to be observed here is that all these versions were mostly created during 14 to 17th Century. As this was the time when the country was going through a very brutal struggle. And all these poets either created these versions to be presented in a metaphorical manner or under some rulers pressure.

      Even different cults and factions have their own versions of Ramayana. Buddhism has its own Version of Ramayana, Jainism has a version of their own - Paumachariyam.

        We as the decedents of that great warrior Shri Ram. Should make sure that nobody distorts his heroism, his dharma by making flawed versions.

      Some Versions of Ramayana where The Great Warrior Shri Ram's and the great epic has been tarnished in a very unethical way-

(1). Buddhism - Dasaratha Jataka - Mentions Ram And Sita as siblings, who married each other to maintain the purity of a dynasty.

(2). Ramcharitmanas - Mentions Hanuman as a Monkey, Added the Episode of Agni Pariksha, Added the episode of Shambukh Vadh by Shri Ram, Picturized Hanuman in a monkey form; flying over the sea and many such unscientific and illogical incidents.

(3). Jain Ramayana describes Hanuman as a married person, which is a clear insult to a Brahmachari.

(4). During Mughal Times, even flawed version were published in the name of Maharishi Valmiki, in which Uttar Kand was added as an interpolation.

        Today we live in a time with uncountable possibilities, with scientific advancements like never before. Today we live in a world where illogical, superstitions have no place.

        We as proud Hindus should take this upon us to revive the Great Valmiki Ramayan. Establish it as the one and only authority to describe the epic tale of Shri Ram.

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