Nizam was great and secular ruler says Telangana CM. Is it so?

Showering praise on the Nizam, the ruler of erstwhile Hyderabad State, Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao described him as great and secular. I want to remind Mr. CM by this article that the Nizam of Hyderabad was nothing more than a religious bigot. The cruelties in Nizam regime reached to such level especially against the Hindus that Aryasamaj started a crusade against Nizam. This movement is History of Hyderabad state is remembered as The Hyderabad struggle of Aryasamaj.  It was a nonviolent movement where around eight thousand members of Aryasamaj including members of Hindu Mahasabha filled the jails of Nizam giving him sleepless nights. In this crusade of Aryasamaj around two dozen of campaigners from Aryasamaj sacrificed their lives. In the end Nizam honored the demands of Aryasamaj of social and religious equality for Hindus. Nizam was considered as the one of the richest persons in those days. The state of Nizam was resided by 95% Hindus but was administered by 95% Muslims statesmen. Lot of people advised Aryasamaj leaders that it's not a wise decision to oppose Nizam who is so strong and powerful. The dedication of Aryasamaj and its leaders helped by workers of Hindu Mahasabha proved that the truth always wins.


 We in this article will briefly describe the atrocities done by Muslim rulers in Nizam state.


  1. Freedom of press and religious censorship in regime of Nizam was only for Muslims who were working for their agenda of Jihad. Muslim speakers could speak anything and can participate in any propaganda and with impunity. We shall substantiate our assertion by a few relevant quotations in this matter.

  2.  The salvation of the Untouchables lies in their acceptance of Islam…..Let them be saved from the latrine of idolatry and stone worship. (Rahbar-i-Deccan 20th April, 1933)

  3.  It is very necessary that the rascals of this place be not allowed any opportunity of going to the Districts. (Rahbar-i-Deccan 10th November, 1938 on the proceedings of a cow protection meeting held in Aurangabad)

  4.  These agitators having made an alliance with Namak-harams and iman-farmoshes (Sahifa, 4 Farwardi 1341 F.)

  5.  The late Maulvi Abdul Qayyum had no right to take the law in his own hands and kill the said Pandit. But as the Muhammadan Law prescribes capital punishment for a man who insults the Prophet, Maulvi Abdul Qayyum has given the proof of his love for the Prophet by killing Pandit (Rahbar-i-Decca22 Arde bahesht, 1344 F.)

  6.  Chan Biseshwar will strike the drum of the name of the Avatar (Nabi-Prophet)- a meeting will be held at Hampi in December….After this they will march to the temple of Vankat Ramna and take out a treasure of eighty crores. From there they will come back to Hampi and taking the treasure out, will unify one hundred and one castes. From that date will disappear the worship of stones and all idols will be thrown out of temples. (Notice in Urdu on behalf of Dindar Anjuman, Asafnagar, Hyderabad)

  7.  Few extracts from speech of Maulana Siddiq Dindar:- 


 - Our Quran has 500 verses which speak of conquering, overcoming and killing the enemy.
 -Why are you afraid of them? (26/12/1931)   
  - As many as heretics in the World, they are all the enemies of Mohomedans. Are they our friends?  They can never be friends unless they become Mohomedans. (25/12/1931)
-Whosoever are your opponents and whoever speak ill of your faith, kill such heretics. (24/12/1931)


                                    These are few examples of Secular media in Nizam's Regime.


  1. Restrictions of religious and educational activities were only for Hindus while Muslims were given a free hand. Temples, schools or akhadas (wrestling place) of Hindus were subjected to police watch better to say under supervision of Muslim zealots. Any Hindu temple could not be repaired without the permission of Government officials. Any religious procession of Hindus was not allowed on Hindu festival day on name of peace and harmony while Muslims were allowed to openly carry their processions even in sensitive areas. Numbers of school run by Hindu institution were closed on name of Hygiene during inspection by Muslim officials leading to either promotion of students to enroll in Muslim madrasa or remain uneducated.



  1. Charges by Aryasamaj on religious persecution in state of Nizam published in a pamphlet Nizam Defense examined and exposed.

  2. Mr. Mohan Singh secretary of Aryasamaj was beaten by police inspector and was prosecuted for uttering abuse on public road.

  3. “AUM” flag from Aryasamaj temple was dislodged by order of Mr. Ikram Ali Taluqdar without any semblance of law.

  4. Stone were pelted as well as gun shots were fired on Aryasamaj while no action was taken by police against anyone.

  5. Mr. Gurulingappa, Mr. Shankarrao Ganpat Rao and Mr. Gundappa were beaten and his sacred thread was broken while no action was taken by police against anyone.

  6. Two Muslim gentleman who accepted Aryasamaj with their own will and consent were arrested and beaten by police and were forced to give false statements against Aryasamaj.

  7. In case of Murder of Nagappa, an Aryasamaj member the real facts were suppressed in enquiry. There are similar many instances where Aryasamaj dedicated workers were killed by Muslim goons while no action was taken against the culprits.

  8. False charges were framed against Aryasamaj branch in Kor Halli and Kal Mungli of Taluqa
    h. Killing of Ved Prakash an important member of Aryasamaj by Muslim goons and justice denied to him in spite of all efforts by Aryasamaj.


  1. Reports of Molestation of Hindu women by Muslim goons under the regime of Nizam. All evidences are from a pamphlet Nizam Defense examined and exposed published by The International Aryan League in 1939. All stories are same and reflect lack of interest of Police to deal with the culprits as the victims were Hindu women.


  1. Santayya Patri had to leave Humnabad as his daughter was being molested by Sharufu Amir.

  2. At Holsamudra the teacher molested a sangam girl and a Brahmin girl.

  3. Muslims at Klam molested the wife of Shamrao.

  4. At Udgir two Muslims molested a Hindu girl. She was secured by an Arya. Police demanded the women and got arrested the Arya.

  5. At Kalam a low caste Hindu women was dishonored by many Muslims at the instance of constable Bashir. They compelled her to accept Islam.

  6. A Muslim Mazkuri abducted the wife of Durgaji lime seller at Kalyani.


These are mere glimpses of discrimination against Hindus in Nizam's Regime. Conversion of Hindus to Islam in jails, ban of Hindu newspapers and books, large donations to Muslims institutions, prefixed conviction of Hindus in case of any brawl with Muslims, change of name of Hindu cities to Islamic one for e.g. Bidar was renamed Mahmudabad, Large donations of public money gathered from majority Hindus of state was donated to Muslim institutions in whole country, publishing of names of Hindus who converted to Islam in newspapers at state expenses to promote others to convert, state sponsored Tabligh movement, appointment of Muslims on all major state posts in spite of lack of qualification, Lack of justice to Hindus in courts are few examples of discrimination in Nizam's state.

This article is more than enough to prove that Nizam was nothing more than a religious bigot. It's time that our politicians should grow up academically and refrain to issue such statements which are again a part of Muslims appeasing vote bank politics and entirely based on wrong facts. The History is never going to change by such statements. The Hyderabad Struggle Movement by Aryasamaj was against religious persecution in Nizam's state and today's politicians are making jokes of themselves by calling them "SECULAR".

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