He can never be God's martyr who is devil's martyr.

He can never be God's martyr who is devil's martyr.


(An article on online porn supporters)


Any step taken by Modi government is always opposed by a set group of people who consider themselves as members of devil oops civil society, who name themselves as social activist. This group is rarely joined by true intellectual class.

 Mostly it's a gang of people with vested interests and hunger for media coverage. This gang is joined by any flop Bollywood star that hardly use his brain in making movies. They are best rot learners of dialogues. Also there are some fiction novel writers whose market shines by selling sex and adultery stories. Most of them are media hungry activists who shout on roads for LGBT rights, who suffered unsuccessful carrier and ended up by starting a NGO after getting frustrated by joblessness to siphon off funds from foreign countries.  Few are advocates who have worked in saving criminals and culprits by demanding hefty fees by searching loopholes in judiciary system. Now this gang talks of ethics, Human values, freedom of speech and morality when Modi government banned porn sites from internet.


I will like to ask this gang few questions?


I found most of gang members shouting in mass media when Nirbhaya episode took place for women rights. Why have they forgotten that the culprit Ram Singh was a regular porn movie watcher, and alcohol addict? This made him a molester of innocent girls?

They are shouting against pedophilia and child rape. Why have they forgotten that porn movies spoil the mentality of youth leading to animal type behavior? This is the root cause of rapid rise in rape. Even small milk feeding babies to old ill women are not spared by these demons.

Most of them are talking against male dominance in family. The result of tensed family relations is domestic violence. Why have they forgotten that porn movies have negative impact on psychology of male member? It leads man to enforce female partner to enact in animal acts as shown in porn movies. Why do you forget such simple cause when you are dealing with sensitive and important topics?

They lack morality when they support pornography. The aim of life of human is not to behave like animals. The Vedic philosophy is based on “High Thinking and plain living.” Pornography is a path leading to moral downfall and personality failure. How this gang fails to understand such simple and advanced mentation. It displays their complete ignorance and immaturity.

They take support of nude idols of Khajurao and Kamasutra by Vatsayana to prove that ancient Indians were more advanced than present as they supported free thoughts. I will like to clarify that Khajurao and Kamasutra are not my country heritage and intellect. They are symbol of downfall. Post Mahabharata war, the message of Vedas was stumbled. Man-made sects appeared. Vam-marga was one of them. This sect believed in uninhibited and unrestrained relationship. This nudity and depravity are result of same wrong beliefs. If you really want to learn then you have to dive deeper. You have to reach the perfect and purest, The Vedas. Vedas speak of celibacy, self-control, abstinence and chastity. Vedas suggests that all women must be respected like our own mother. Vedas speak of faithfulness for your partner. Vedas present husband and wife as inseparable and non-dissociable.

Instead of behaving like time wasters and street brawlers, I will advise this gang to invest their energy in fruitful and positive work for sake of Humanity and development of society.


This proverb will be most appropriate proverb for you people.


सौ-सौ चूहे खाकर बिल्ली को हज को चली


He can never be God's martyr who is devil's martyr.

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