Drama on name of Intellect

Drama on name of Intellect


Mass Media is full of Drama being propagated on name of intellect. The lobby supporting this mess defines itself as “Civil Society”. I am always questioning myself on this nomenclature. Are the individuals who are not part of this society uncivilized? What are the criteria's to become active member of this society or consider one as civil?  One must have secular credentials. This credibility is very easy to earn.


  1. Just say I am an atheist.

  2. I do not believe in God.

  3. Hinduism is full of archaic thoughts and superstitions.

  4. India was glorified first during reign of Asoka and Akbar due to impact of Buddhism and Islam.

  5. Islam is the most peaceful religion.

  6. Hindus are radical and fundamentalist in thoughts as well as action.

  7. Every Muslim is not a terrorist but all Hindus are saffronized terrorists because they chant the name of Rama and Krishna.

  8. Hindus must always offer their daughters to marry Muslim boys to strengthen bonding between the two religions.

  9. Hindus must never seek Muslims daughters because it will create tension between the two communities.

  10. Hindus must support Muslims in their stand against Israel on Gaza strip while they should never open mouth on Kashmir and Bengal because Hindus are majority and Muslims are minority.

  11. Muslims have first right on all resources of country being minority.

  12. Rama and Krishna were a myth and Ramayana and Mahabharata are man-made stories.

  13. Vedas are nonsense stories of shepherd first uttered by group of invaders tribe name Aryans who came from outside and became rulers.

  14. Knowledge of foreigners is superior to ours.

  15. Love Jihad is a myth.

  16. Ghar Vapsi or Shuddhi is a blot to secular society while conversion by Christian missionaries is for upliftment of poor and downtrodden.

  17. Alcoholism, Smoking, Narcotic Drugs, Meat eating, Adultery, Incest, LGBT orientations, Nudity, Live-in-relationships, Divorce, Pre and post marital affairs are symbol of modernity and open thought. 

These are few easy steps to join this elite club.  Just obey them. Persons from different streams join this secular gang for wide coverage in newspapers, good presence in talk shows on TV, cheap publicity, foreign awards and mouth licking posts of different ministries and commissions, funds on name of NGOs, participation offer from International platforms, celebrity status and not to forget support from mass vote bank of minorities. Politicians, Journalists, Professors, Historians, Film stars, Social activists, Human rights advocates etc. All professions will get boost by becoming civil. You have to just follow what your predecessors have done.


Now we see the opposite aspect of this drama.


I am a common man but I will be considered uncivilized because


  1. I consider meat eating, alcohol drinking as sin.

  2. I consider that character is my best treasure. I consider illegitimate relationship, extramarital affairs and Live-in relationships as wrong and immoral.

  3. I am proud to consider that I am born in a country with glorious past and rich knowledge of Vedas.

  4. I am proud to belong to a race that has never persecuted any other country or race on name of religion never ever in history.

  5. I am proud to speak Hindi, follow customs and traditions and believe in austerity.

  6. I am proud to believe in high thinking and plain living.

  7. I resist any malicious attempt against my sacred Kings Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

  8. I resist forceful or luring of poor Hindus to Islam or Christianity by hook or crook.

  9. I resist trapping of my sisters and daughters by Muslims as a pre-planned conspiracy of love jihad.

  10. I promote swadeshi and feels pride in using country made goods.

  11. I am a firm believer in God.

  12. I demand for human rights of Kashmir Hindus who are refugees in their own motherland.

  13. I demand against mindset education of madrasas which are nothing more than a burden on our country and advocates modern education with Math, Science and Technology as part of curriculum.

  14. I oppose subsidy on Haj Yatra as wastage of tax payers money which would better be used for development.

  15. I oppose minority appeasement for seeking votes by politicians.

If this is the criteria of civilized and uncivilized then I am being uncivilized rather than civilized. As I consider all this as intellectual drama and nothing else.

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