Why I Love Vedas

Why I Love Vedas

       1. Because Vedas clearly state that the first religion is “Loyalty towards motherland”.

         Everything else – being Hindu, Muslim or Christian – comes next. Some religious cults teach to turn traitors when an enemy nation attacks motherland just because enemy follows my religion. Communists in India were supporting China during 1962 war simply because Karl Marx is dearer to them than Mother India. Vedas have no place for this treachery. In fact, the concept of Motherland or Matribhoomi or Bharat Mata or Maa Tujhe Salaam or Vande Mataram has its origin in Bhoomi Sukta of Atharva Veda.

        2. Because Vedas encourage Apostasy.

        Unlike later era cults where punishment for apostasy (rejecting prevailing faith privately or publicly) is death, Vedic culture hails those who question prevailing religious or social practices as Gods, Bhagwans, Avatars or Saints. Thus Gautama Buddha, Guru Nanak, Sant Kabir and Swami Dayanand Saraswati – all are considered as icons of Dharma or spiritualism. The basic premise is simple and rational – unless society encourages people to think freely, out of the box, originally and question present conditions, how can there be improvements, progress and innovations? That is why we see that the societies where apostasy is punished are among the most uncivilized terror-prone hells on earth. Entire Europe was in lawless darkness till Pope held dominance. One clearly knows what's the situation in countries of Africa, Middle East and our next door neighbors.

        3. Because Vedas are the first source of wisdom known to humankind.
No one has been able to reasonably date them. All we know is that whatever period we look back in documented past; there is no evidence that the Vedas were not exist able.

       4. Because Vedas have been meticulously preserved in such a systematic manner that the original Vedas are still available to us in same pristine form.
        Not just words but even pronunciation and intonations. Quite a wonderful human feat given that the Vedas has more than 20,000 verses. A reason to congratulate 'being human'!

       5. Because Vedas are the only spiritual texts I am aware of that are devoid of stories, miracles, history or a founder we must blindly surrender to. A rare advantage being the only true pre-historic texts.

       6. Because Vedas are comprehensive. They contain not just spiritual wisdom, but sufficient insights in practical life as well – science, technology, medicines, health, society, family, economics, mathematics, finance, research, education and so on.
I am yet to find a subject not covered in Vedas.

       7. Because Vedas do not spoon-feed.

         They instead encourage research and exploration. They give hint and demand humans to discover the rest through efforts.

       8. Because Vedas do not demand blind-belief.

         Vedas are the only religious texts I am aware of that have no punishment for blasphemy. All that Vedas demand is a sincerity to discover and embrace whatever one realizes as truth to best of his or her understanding. So even if you reject Vedas as bogus, Vedas encourage that, so far your intentions are honest. There is no punishment, no death sentence, no divine wrath, no threat for rejecting Vedas fully or partially unlike many religious cults.

       9. Because Vedas do not demand belief in unseen and unverified.

       They are based on premise that all source of wisdom lies within each of us. Through practice and will-power, one can unravel that source of knowledge. So instead of blind faith on anything, one should attempt to discover the wisdom within through efforts, contemplation, good deeds and knowledge-seeking.

       10. Because Vedas are truly universal.

       They belong to an era when there was no Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Communist blah . Vedas alone can be foundations of a truly universal religion that unite all human beings and destroy divisions on basis of later-era man-made religions.

       11. Because Vedas have no place for superstitions.

       Vedas encourage scientific thinking. They urge us to reject whatever is based merely on tall claims and does not stand the test of reason.

       12. Because Vedas have no concept of disbelievers.

      Vedas urge us not to believe in some person, book or concept just because a lot many people follow them. Instead Vedas extol us to stand like brave warrior for whatever seems true to our own heart to best of our egoless intentions.

        13. Because Vedas demand all humans to have equal social, political, spiritual, religious and educational rights irrespective of gender, birth, caste, region or religion.

       14. Because Vedas recommend merit to be the only factor for differentiation. And be sensitive to protection of rights of differently-able.

       15. Because Vedas consider women as source of goodness on earth.

       16. Because Vedas do not ask us to believe in Heaven, Hell, Adam, Eve, Angels, Judgment Day, Prophets, Ghosts or Satan

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