Dr Ambedkar And Periyar - Two Lines That Never Meet

Dr Ambedkar And Periyar

- Two Lines That Never Meet

        [Swami Ramdev is being criticised by supporters of Dr Ambedkar and Periyar. He commented that few people are doing hate politics on the name of right to freedom of expression.They are intellectual terrorists. Government should bring law to curb such hate on social media. There is nothing wrong in the statement of Swami Ramdev. We support his motive. An urgent action is required to keep a check on this menace. This article will prove that how Ambedkar and Periyar had two different ideology.  Ambedkar never liked Periyar. - Dr. Vivek Arya]

     Ambedkar - A Name which brings a sense of disgust among a large section of people in this country. A large section of people who despise the idea of merit destruction. By assigning people very important roles by caste-based reservation hate Ambedkar. Ambedkar's escapist act of denouncing Hinduism and embracing Buddhism created more divide between many practising Hindus.

     Recentiy, going through the parliamentary debates from the 1950s. Where Ambedkar speeches are still preserved tells a very different story about him. Which clearly contradicts what the Ambedkar followers have to say about him.

    Jai Bhim, Bhim Sena and all the so-called Dalit organisation hide behind Ambedkar. They endorse Ambedkar's name but they have very less to do with Ambedkar's actual views. The vile, insane and anti-social, anti-Hindu activities are in fact inspired by EV Ramaswamy Naicker Periyar, commonly known as Periyar.

     Periyar was a Tamil Separatist, who projected himself as a rationalist but was, in fact, a British stooge. Whose sole responsibility was to create a divide within India during British Rule. Periyar did that very well, by creating a Hindi-Tamil, Arya-Dravid divide. Periyar And Ambedkar both were considered Dalit activists but they are both two lines which never meet. Let's observe many such striking differences between both-

(1). Ambedkar completely rejected the Aryan Invasion Theory. He called it a stupid idea spread by the British to create a divide inside India.

Periyar endorsed the Aryan Invasion theory, called all the so-called Upper Caste Hindus as invaders. He used that divide for his political gains.

(2). Dr Ambedkar said Islam and Christianity cannot live peacefully with any other community. their sole theology is intolerant and is not good for this country. If Muslims remain in India, even after partition. India will be divided again. Ambedkar was strictly against religious conversions.

Periyar was a Christian missionary and British stooge, he helped them spread across the south. 

(3). Ambedkar was a staunch Nationalist, he held the idea of a nation above anything.

Periyar was a separatist who vouched for a separate nation combining south Indian states, which failed very badly. He even created a sense of Tamil Separatism in Tamil Nadu, which is evident till date. 

(4). Ambedkar supported The Shuddhi movement by Arya Samaj. He acknowledged the fact that Vedic Scriptures have tampered and they don't promote any kind of birth based segregation.

Periyar - Hated Hinduism and always abused, insulting preached for the destruction of Hindus. Periyar himself was a sub-human who married his own adopted daughter. 

(5). Ambedkar hated the Communist ideology. In one of his parliamentary speech in 1950, Ambedkar said- "Communism is a flawed idea which will break the country. If communists gain power in India. Our educational institutions will be echoing with Anti-National Slogans one day." Today which is proven to be true today, with JNU, Jadavpur and many universities filled with Urban Naxals.

     Periyar was a leftist, who believed in reservations and imaginary myths of a classless society.

(6). Ambedkar wanted Sanskrit to be the national language of India. He embraced himself as the native of Aryavart and embraced its ancient language. 

      Periyar invented the Tamil - Hindi struggle in Tamil Nadu. Which is still a big threat for the unity of this Country.

      Dalit Movement is and has been a big issue in our country. The divide which has been exploited by political leaders, missionaries, Islamists and many more. Let's understand this key difference between both the ideologies of both of these people. 

    Vedas nowhere distinguishes human by any scale based on birth. We need to revive those Vedic principles for the betterment of our society.

       Yes, we need to fight and defend against these so-called Dalit organizations. But, Periyar and his teaching have to be attacked and rebutted at first priority. As his idea of Moolnivasi is what the biggest cause for Hindu Disunity.

                                                                                           D.S.Balaji Arya

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